Variable Life Insurance Quotes

postVariable life insurance is life insurance that gives account flexibility for more risk-oriented policyholders and it provides permanent protection for them. It pays the death benefit to a named beneficiary and offers low-risk, tax-free cash buildup. It permits the death benefit to vary, with regards to the fund returns of the cash value account. It lets a policyholder borrow from the policy, during his lifetime. However, it does not offer any guarantee on the amount of cash value, during the policy holder?s lifetime. It offers no premium flexibility and no face amount flexibility.

Universal variable life insurance is a variable life insurance that gives more control on the cash value account policy features, than any other form of insurance. It does so by paying the death benefit to a named beneficiary and offering low risk tax deferred cash value option. Furthermore, it offers separate accounts for investing in money market, stock and bond funds. It offers premium flexibility and allows people to make withdrawals or borrow from the policy, during their lifetimes. It insists that if a contract is terminated in early years by the policyholder, he will receive less cash value total returns, than mentioned in the contract.

A policyholder needs to devote time to manage the accounts. A policy?s long-term success depends on the investment made by the policyholder. This insurance does not work well with small premium amounts because it is necessary for the premium to cover the account and investment.

These variable life insurance policies are regulated at the state and federal level and can be risky. They do not guarantee either principal or interest. It is imperative that while purchasing a variable life policy, the agent presents the buyer with a prospectus. This should be equipped to furnish all the necessary information on the product.