A Guide To Low Cost Life Insurance

The objective of a Life Insurance Policy is to protect the family members from the financial loss incurred, due to the death of the insured person. Apart from the emotional trauma, they have to deal with the resultant financial loss. An insurance coverage can save them a lot of economical hassles.

There are two types of Life Insurance, namely Permanent and Term Insurance. Whole and Universal Life Insurance fall under the Permanent Insurance Plan. Permanent Insurance plans allow the investors to save and add extra benefits to the policies, by paying extra charges. They also allow extended term periods and the ability to borrow. These investments are mostly tax-free and cover the financial loss that arises due to the investor?s death. However, the premium rates of Permanent life insurances are usually high and include additional charges for adding beneficiary features. The premium rates and benefits are decided after analyzing the health conditions, income level and regular expenses incurred.

Term Insurance on the other hand, requires a lesser premium rate and is considered ideal for young and healthy people. A term insurance covers a beneficiary only if the insured dies during the insured period. A Term Insurance can become economical if the difference amount between the premium rates is invested, to earn an additional income.

It is crucial to do a little research and then decide the right kind of life insurance plan, according to individual needs. A wrong investment might lead to the loss of policy. It is advisable to compare the quotes offered by the various low cost insurance companies online. Investors can take the help of insurance brokers to have a better idea of the pros and cons of their policies. Life insurance policies ensure that the surviving family members benefit from the investment made by the insured.

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