Term Life Insurance Quotes Online

What is Term Life Insurance?

In it’s simplest definition it is a life insurance policy that is used as coverage for a set number of years or ‘term’. Terms can typically range from 1 year to 30 years.
Term life insurance in contrast to other forms of life insurance, does not build cash value with time. Being that it is a temporary form of insurance limited to a certain term, it will only pay a benefit if the insured person dies during the term. In this case the beneficiaries are paid a fixed benefit. If the insured dies outside the term by even a day the benefit is not paid.

Why choose a Term life Insurance policy?

As it is a temporary insurance not building cash value, it is a more inexpensive form of insurance than others. With lower premiums it can provide a higher benefit return to premium ratio. It is particularly useful as a temporary insurance option to cover your financial responsibilities for any dependents you may have. Some Insurers offer what is sometimes called a conversion option, which essentially allows the insured person to switch to a permanent life insurance policy when their cash flow allows within a certain a certain period of years. This conversion privilege option has the advantage of turning the term life insurance policy into a more desirable permanent policy without the requirement of proving themselves insurable at the conversion time.

Types of Term Life Insurance.

While at the lowest end of the scale a 1-year policy can be sought, but as noted earlier, this will have no benefit should the person die outside the 1-year mark. 1 year is not a commonly sought term for life insurance but is available should the special need arise. There is a variation of the standard term policy that is known as Annual Renewable Term or ART.

This is a safer option for the insured as it can allow for the small one year term to be covered but the policy allows for extended coverage for a set number of years after that. This ART version of term life insurance is a slightly more expensive and as the age of the insured person increases so does the premiums of course.

Choosing an Insurer

The best option when looking for term life insurance quotes online is to compare their features and benefits as there will inevitably be some differences both in price and policy structure. Many big insurers advertise online and have websites that will allow you to request further information and quickly do the comparative research you need to make an informed decision.

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